An inexpensive way to see through fog…

Utilizing a notch filter centered in the H2O water absorpotion band and some basic image processing, FogCutterTM provides a patented, inexpensive way to be able to see through fog. Because of the simple nature of this process, FogCutter can be retro-fitted onto many existing camera systems. FogCutter can be used over a distance. Initial testing has show FogCutter to be operational at distances of over 1km. FogCutter has many practical uses in both the civilian and military worlds:

  • Security/Force Protection
  • Facility perimeter security
  • Situational Awareness systems
  • Flight Line inspection
  • Port Navigation

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Example Imagery

The following pictures shows a scene of a foggy day followed by a the same scene with FogCutter images overlayed:






From these pictures, it is easy to see all of the extra details that using FogCutter provides at a fraction of the cost of a FLIR or other IR technology.

Example Applications